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Posted On: February 2, 2022

Q1. Washing Soda Is The Common Name Of? Ans: Sodium Carbonate

Q2. The Chemical Name Of Laughing Gas Is? Ans: Nitrous Oxide

Q3. The Cell Discovered By? Ans. Robert Hook In 1665

Q4. The Nucleus Is Discovered By? Ans. Robert Brown In 1831

Q5. The Microscope Was Discovered By? Ans. Galileo In 1610

Q6. Ball Pen Invented By? Ans. Amrican Scientist Jan Lowd In 1888

Q7. Mercury Is Also Known As? Ans. Quick Silver

Q8. How Many Legs Do Butterflies Have? Ans. 6 Legs And 2 Pair Of Wings

Q9. The Heart Of A Normal Adult Human Being Weight About? Ans. 300 Grams

Q10. What Is The Average Adult Pulse Rate? Ans. 72 – 80

Q11. The Cow’s Milk Contains How Much Amount Of Water In Terms Of Percentage? Ans. 80%

Q12. Instrument To Detect The Purity Of Milk Is? Ans. Lactometer

Q13. Radioactivity Was First Discovered By? Ans. Madam Curry

Q14. Which Gas Is Commonly Used In Balloons And Airships? Ans. Hydrogen

Q15. Which Gas Is Used In The Preparation Of Soft Drinks? Ans. Carbon Dioxide

Q16. In Blood ‘The Percentage Of Water Is? Ans. 90%

Q17. The Volume Percentage Of Nitrogen In Air Is? Ans. 78%

Q18. Air Contains Volume Of Carbon Dioxide? Ans. 0.03%

Q19. For Water Purification We Use? Ans. Chlorine

Q20. The Human Blood Is Divided Into? Ans. 4 Groups

Q21. A Man Can Survive Without Food? Ans. One Month

Q22 The Muscles, Tissues, And Blood All Are Made Up Of? Ans. Proteins

Q23. What Does Make The Blood Look Red? Ans. Hemoglobin

Q24. The Acid Used In A Car Battery Is? Ans. Sulphuric Acid

Q25. The Major Part Of Natural Gas ‘Petroleum And Coal’ Consist Of? Ans. Methane

Q26. The Speed Of Sound Is? Ans. 340 Meter Per Second

Q27. During Sleep A Man’s Blood Pressure? Ans. Fluctuates

Q28. The Smallest Plants On The Earth Are? Ans. Algae

Q29. Who Invented The Polio Vaccine (Oral)? Ans. Albert Sabin

Q30. Total Volume Of Blood In A Normal Human Being? Ans. 5-6 Liters*

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