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CS202 GDB Solution 2021

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CS202 GDB Solution 2021

• I am going to use AJAX for this because, here, the NHSRC (Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination, Government of Pakistan) needs to use the website as a web service and it’s going to be a huge hassle if the client refreshes the page to get current statistics.
• In this case, we need to update all provincial data without reloading the site.
• AJAX is ideally suited to this task because; AJAZ enables web page to be modified asynchronously by sharing tiny amount of data with the server behind the scenes. This ensures that it is easy to refresh portions of the web page without reloading the whole page and that the user will be updated with the latest COVID-19 statistics.
• We mat use JavaScript to send a new request to the server using AJAX after a certain time period.
• And most of these activities will carry out behind the scenes.
• By using AJAX load on the Server would also reduce due to amount of data transmitted.

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