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How to Prepare PCI For DNA Extraction

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In This Article We Will discus how to Prepare PCI For DNA Extraction

For DNA Extraction We Use 25:24:1 Ratio Phenol Chloroform Isoamyl alcohol (PCI)


The magic of PCI in DNA isolation relies on the utilization of chemicals, meaning, how and during which amount you employ the three ingredients. you’ll get excellent results if all ingredients are correctly weighed and used. The concentration of chloroform and isoamyl alcohol is as important as phenol. You can also learn How To Prepare 50X TAE Buffer (Tris-Acetate EDTA Buffer)

How to Prepare PCI For DNA Extraction
How to Prepare PCI For DNA Extraction

Recipe of PCI

  1. To Prepare PCI We Need concentrated Phenol, Chloroform and Isoamyl alcohol.
  2. For 25:24:1 Ratio We take 25ml of phenol, 24ml of chloroform and 1ml of isoamyl alcohol and mix it well. The Final Preparation will be 50ml.
  3. Wrap the bottle with Aluminum Foil Because Phenol is photo sensitive.


Storage: Store in a light-tight bottle at 4°C and try to use within 1 month

Note: To achieve excellent results every time prepare fresh solution when doing DNA extraction. You can also Prepare up to 1 litter by using above recipe. You can also Get complete recipe of How To Prepare Lysis Buffer For DNA Extraction From Blood